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Web Team Management is still thriving  as the leading Web Design & SEO Agency in New York — though it looks much different than what it was in the beginning. This, however, may be due to the nature of the sphere. No digital marketing business can afford not to follow the trends and reinvent itself as the wind blows.

Web Team Management has been the adventure of our lives, and we’ve grown both professionally and personally. There’s something uncanny about knowing that the fate of your business lies in the hands of large technology companies and brilliant young entrepreneurs who change the world overnight. This process involves making some changes to your website design and content to satisfy the search engine’s requirements for high ranking. As a result, the search engine will display your website as a top result on the search engine results page. The design and look of your website are a reflection of your corporate identity. Whether you have 4 or 200 employees, your product and skillset are key.

Designing a “smart” website in combination with Search Engine Optimization is the only marketing you can’t afford to pass on. — “Honest Abe”


With over a decade of business and entrepreneurial endeavors cultivated
by the internet technology sector, my sales, and marketing talents
can only be expressed in person.

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